Forget the Politics. It's in the Private Sector's Best Interest to Mandate Vaccines on the Job and for Customers, too.

Don't care about others? Try caring about the economy!

The science is clear… and so are the economics.

Vaccines prevent the spread and severity of the COVID-19 virus with side effect rates at well below the instance levels of lots of other drugs people commonly take for things like birth control, erectile dysfunction or to keep their cholesterol in check.

Yet, somehow, things like masks and vaccines have become a political hot potato—dividing the country in two on how to avoid a four (fifth?) wave of COVID-19 this fall and winter, or ignore the fact that it’s even happening.

Conservatives are always arguing that the government overreaches its constitutional mandate, and that the private sector can take care of most problems.

Challenge: Accepted.

If you’re not going to let the government do what it takes to prevent the spread, then you’ve got to get out of the way of private businesses making decisions in their own best economic interests.

I think it’s clear that means vaccine mandates—which is what companies like Union Square Hospitality are starting to announce. CEO Danny Meyer is now mandating that if you want to work for his company, or dine indoors at their restaurants, you’ll need proof of vaccination. He believes more people will feel comfortable dining indoors when they know everyone is vaccinated—not to mention that if more companies follow suit, numbers will go down, and we’ll take this albatross off the economy.

I 100% agree.

People may be vaccine hesitant, but they also like going to the gym, to the movies, and on vacation. At some point, you can hem and haw all you want, but if not having the vaccine means you can’t see live sports, go to a restaurant or show up at NASCAR, is it really worth holding out?

Vaccines should become the requirement to be out and about in these public spaces, because otherwise you are a risk to others, and if you don’t care about that—you’re a risk to the economy.

We should also make it a requirement to show up to work in person. I am 100% supportive of any one of my portfolio companies who wants to make vaccines a requirement for in person work at their office.

Not doing so puts their most important asset—their team, at risk.

Otherwise, we’re going to have masking, cancellations, and limitations for the foreseeable future. It’s going to be a continual drag on the economy if we’re constantly spending money on fighting the disease and supporting those who get affected by it as opposed to investing in the future—technology, infrastructure, education, etc.

Sorry folks, but your freedom is starting to impinge on everyone else’s freedom—so you’re free not to get vaccinated, and therefore free to stay home away from everyone else and not in the way of capitalism.