Thriving or Surviving or Diving in Quarantine?

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While we don’t have kids yet, we’re of the age where a lot of our friends do—and the back to school situation is on everyone’s mind. Is your school open? Are you sending them? How did your kids do with distance learning?

What struck me is the stories of how different personalities of kids have done in quarantine—and adults are no different.

Some are absolutely thriving—super focused, avoiding distraction.

Others are kind of lost. They work off competition and/or inspiration from others and not being in person with a group is sapping their creative energy.

Loneliness is a serious problem for many people right now.

Where am I on this?

I feel like I’m kind of in the middle.

I’m a pretty steady person in general—I don’t get too high or too low emotionally. So, I can’t say I’ve fallen off the deep end of despair or anything, but I can’t say I’m thriving either. One of the things I like best about being in New York City is the diversity of people I encounter on a day to day bases—at least in the Before Times, anyway.

Now, I’m stuck getting my exposure to people online.

Clubhouse is basically the opposite of what I’m looking for. It’s tech people talking about tech things at best, and VCs talking about Clubhouse at its worst.

I miss the randomness of in-person people for sure.

What about you?

How are you sparking your creativity (or not) in quarantine and what have been your best sources of human inspiration?

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